I was recently lucky enough to be selected to try out a new range of photobooks from German company Saal Digital. I will admit to a bit of scepticism here being someone who makes his own notebooks and photo albums but I thought I'd give it a go and use it as a showcase for my own bookbinding work and display my photographs of previous projects.

Must say I was very impressed with the process of putting it together using the online software although I had to compromise a bit with the fonts available and I did end up accidentally including one picture which had a paint effect applied but that was my fault as I couldn't preview it large enough to notice. Nevertheless the book arrived back to me very quickly and the quality of the printing and binding was excellent. I used a padded case and matt paper and I particularly liked the way the double page spreads lay flat enough to view properly.

Will certainly use these guys again as I am going to put together a look-book to demonstrate my bespoke album range.