Crossword time

Not posted for a while but I've not been completely inactive. Had a few commissions for personalised notebooks and also have been busy making up stock for a local community enterprise which have been selling steadily. Here's one of the commissions done for a friend's wife's Dad (that close eh?) who's a bit of a crossword addict. The observant among you will recognise immediately that the pattern on the front is made up of the Guardian Weekend Magazine Crossword from June 6th 2012 but I'm a bit clueless and don't have all the answers I'm afraid. It was scanned and duped in InDesign and then output on my laser printer onto a laid writing paper sheet to give it some texture. Still a little nervous about doing that as I'm not completely happy that the image is permanent enough but my inkjet printer did not give me a sharp enough image so I'd be happy if someone could suggest a way of fixing or protecting laser toner. I halfbound the book (ie added cloth on the foredge corners) to make it more durable

I also personalised the title page with a pic supplied by the customer posterised in Photoshop and output on my swanky Epson inkjet printer in grey. I am keen that the personalisation of my books is permanently a part of the book fabric and not just stuck on as an afterthought. My title pages are sewn into the first signature of the book and glued to the tipped on endpapers.