Getting personal

Two new journals just finished as Christmas presents for friends and family...Two new personalised journals ...each with a personalised title page.
A Robber's Notebook ...and nice contrasting head and tail bands plus ribbon markers.

These are the same size and materials as the three below. The red/black casewrap paper is a Brookfield paper by Elisabeth Hyder, made by using hand-mixed colours, traditionally letterpressed on to a woven paper, supplied by Shepherds Falkiners. The black and white paper is Curwen Paul Nash Ivory - also from Shepherds.
I'm going to open my Etsy shop in the New Year once I've got enough varied stock together (and stop giving them away as presents!) but I will take orders for bespoke journals at . Just send a nice decent quality JPG and the wording you want and I'll get in touch.

Three New Journals

Just finished a set of three blank journals which I'm working out how best to display online. After a long session working out white balance and how to light these to best advantage, here they are.

These are the first set of journals I've made as a batch - all three at the same time which made for better productivity and gratifyingly they all came out the same size.
They are 64 pages, 162 mm x 120 mm, made using acid free 120 gsm watercolour text paper, 2 mm millboard quarter bound with real cloth and square back (not rounded) , black ends, black and white head and tail bands with spine tapes and Shepherds decorative paper cases.


Next up are a couple of personalised Christmas presents that I'll post here as soon as they are finished and have been given to their new owners.

Bold beginning

Here's one of the first efforts from my initial stock of papers and boards. It's an A6 half bound 16 page notebook with a bespoke title page made for my daughter. Real cloth covering on spine and foredges (a bugger to keep the glue off this) and nice thick black endpapers.


Ready for action

Nipping press? Check. Guillotine? Check. Incredibly heavy cast iron 19th century board cutter? Check. Laying press, tub and plough? Check. Work surface, knives, glues, bone folders, thread, needles, beeswax, set squares, rulers etc etc? Check. Binding board, bookcloth, decorative papers, mull, kraft, linen tape? Check Looks like Paperwallah's ready to do some serious binding then......