As usual, I've been neglecting the blog in favour of making recently and I've got fed up of looking at the picture of the elephant shit so it's time to update on recent projects. First up was a poster for a mate whose father-in-law was about to have a 90th birthday party and thought some traditional vintage style posters would be a good thing to send out instead of the usual invites.

Then there's the local Flower and Produce Show in our town where they like to pretend to take it all very seriously as they judge the size of each other's melons and look for runny albumens in the hen-laid eggs but it's really all very tongue-in-cheek and therefore time to break out the wood type and even try my hand at linocuts and come up with a striking poster for the event. Limited edition copies will be sold in aid of Save The Children on the day.

Another mate runs a very successful singing and community choir business and as part of this does a thing called Blokefest where men (clue's in the title) gather together to camp in a field, conveniently near or attached to a pub, and partake of singing workshops and other liquid activities. I made them some posters to decorate the marquee.

Finally I thought it time to combine the bookbinding and letterpress and try and knock up some little pocket notebooks with my own printed covers. I'm going to make a set of three and have done the first one with the covers printed on the Peerless on recycled kraft and hand sewn. Ideas welcome for other lyrics-inspired covers.

The Arab's getting its new rollers and trucks this week so I'm itching to get cracking on that. After all this time and restoration, it'll be great to see it printing again.