Travel journal time

Thought it was time for some new input so went along to Simon Goode's fabulous London Centre for Book Arts in Hackney and took part in another of their inspirational workshops. This one was about making a classic travel journal.


Taught by the very talented Benjamin Elbel, we chose our cloths, cut our boards, painstakingly rounded our corners, carefully measured our spine widths, folded over our turn-ins, glued our ends, cased in our book blocks, tensioned our elastic closures, constructed our gussetted pockets and nipped the finished books.


Here's the finished item...

...and here's another I made myself once I got back to my bindery. This one's in black and red only this time I folded and sewed the sheets myself rather than use a bought-in book block.


If anyone wants me to make them one as a gift for a friend, please let me know. You can contact me on