Another gift

Eventually I'm going to have to break this pattern of notebook after notebook but here's one I made earlier. This is for a mate who's solidly into quizzes and is a member of our quiz league team. The bookcloth is sepia brown and it has matching endpapers, head/tail bands and ribbon marker. The casewrap is Curwen T Lowinsky Tan from Shepherds. It's half bound with reinforced corners which take far longer to get right than you'd think. I can never seem to get the casewrap positioned absolutely right around the corners - no matter how accurate I think my template is and the likelihood of getting glue on the cloth is heightened immeasurably. I wasn't 100% happy with this one - as well as the slightly wonky half binding, I ended up overtrimming the book block which resulted in larger "squares" (the bit of the caseboard which overhangs the text pages). Tom didn't seem to notice and called it "a work of art". I wouldn't go that far but he was pleased so all good. Maybe I'm too finicky.